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Academic programme

The course contains 64 academic hours realized during 2 weeks (10 academic days). Lectures are provided in English by SGH academic lecturers, with at least PhD title. Participants are expected to attend all lectures and workshops, which are usually scheduled between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. The program is equivalent to 8 ECTS points.


Have a look at the SUW 2012 academic programme:

Polish Economy – Conditions of development, promotion and cooperation within the international environment

Module 1. European Union impact on the position of Poland in the world

  1. Experience of system transformation in Poland and other Central Europe countries – history of success
  2. Experience of eastern expansion of UE
  3. Poland and Central Europe after transformation in the eyes of representatives of other economies
  4. Polish Zloty versus Euro

Module 2. Cooperation and Polish relations with European and global countries

  1. Polish foreign policy
  2. Competitiveness of Polish economy in global world – comparison to selected economies
  3. Corporate governance in Polish and other Central European economies
  4. Functioning of selected sectors in Poland – industry, banking, services, media

Module 3. Innovative tools to promote Poland internationally

  1. Touring Marketing
  2. Sport marketing as an element of the country promotion
  3. Industrial marketing as a factor creating competitive advantage of the country
  4. Consumer behaviors in the context of country marketing
  5. Placement of city and regional products as a form of attracting investors
  6. Techniques of selling good image of the country