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> When does Summer University Warsaw take place?

It is always in July, usually during two first weeks. Students arrive on weekend and from Monday they start classes.


> Who can apply to SUW?

Anyone! If one is already a student, of course 🙂


> If I’m a former SUW participant, what are my chances to be accepted?

You stand as good chance as anyone else! We base your acceptance on the essay you are requested to write.


> When will I find out about the decision?

You start to apply at the beginning of March. We close our application process at the end of May – and this is when you will get your result, whether you are accepted or not.


> Do I have to pay for the course?

Yes, you have to pay for the course. The payment in 2012 is 599 euro. The fee covers your meals, dormitory, lectures, student packet etc. Remember! It does not cover insurance (you have to buy one on your own) and it does not cover your arrival and departure (plane tickets, train tickets etc.).


> What time should I arrive? And when should I leave?

You can arrive in Warsaw anytime during weekend before Monday which begins SUW (remember to let us know when exactly you are planning to arrive so that we will be able to pick you up at the airport/station). On that day there are no lectures, but in the evening all of you are invited for the first integrating meeting. Your last night in Warsaw should be Saturday/Sunday of the second week of SUW.


> Would it be possible to come before the start of SUW and stay after the graduation in the dormitory?

Yes, but the fee you are supposed to pay does not cover this! You would have to pay for additional nights on your own – the cost will be calculated for you before your arrival.


> I’m coming with my boyfriend/girlfriend. Can we stay together in one room in the dormitory?

Unfortunately, we do not offer mixed rooms. However, you can request your roommate if he or she is of the same sex as you are!


> How many people stay in one room? Can I have my own one?

There are two people in each room. If you want to have your own room, you have to pay double amount of money for the dormitory.


> What is the average temperature in Poland in July?

In July, the average temperature in Poland is 18°C. However, in July 2006 the average temperature reached 23,5°C and in July 2010 we had temperature of 30°C!


> Are there any special things that I should take with me?

Apart from everyday necessary things we advise you to bring shortlisted things that you will need during your stay in Warsaw:

  • evening clothes (there will be 2 banquets, for the opening and closing of Summer School),
  • swimming suit and other sportswear (for basketball/volleyball/football etc.),
  • an umbrella (it might rain),
  • in some discos and clubs in Warsaw men will not be allowed in if they are wearing: sports shoes (especially white trainers or sneakers), sandals / flip-flops. This is why we advise you to bring a pair of more elegant shoes.


> Is there Internet in the dormitory?

Yes, and it’s free! You can take your notebook if you want.


> What is the standard voltage in Poland?

The standard voltage in Poland is 230 volts at 50 Hz. If it is different in your country, your equipment might require a special voltage adapter, that you should take with you.


> Can I prepare my own meals in the dormitory?

Well, there is a kitchen in the dormitory but unfortunately without any equipment (without cutlery, glasses, plates, pots, frying pans etc.) During your stay here you are provided with 3 meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner, so there is no need to cook by yourself. However, you might cook your national dish if you can. Please inform us as well if you are vegetarian!


> What documents should I take?

  • your student’s ID, which gives you discounts on bus tickets abroad etc. If you do not have such ID, you can buy ISIC, and if you cannot, please inform us that you will need a full-paid ticket,
  • remember to have insurance card valid abroad, it may be ISIC or any other (insurance is not included in the fee you have to pay!),
  • your passport of course,
  • it is advisable to have a xerocopy of your passport/ID card.


> I have a passport, but it is going to expire in less than a year. Should I renew it?

It is your responsibility to check the requirements to entry Poland. Some countries require traveler to have passport valid several months past the expected date of departure from Poland.


> What if I need a visa?

It is your responsibility to find out whether you need a student or tourist visa to enter Poland and to find out what is necessary to obtain a visa. Visit the Web site of consulate of Poland and search for your country’s requirements. Upon a student’s request, we will provide a letter confirming your admission to be presented to the consulate. The student assumes all costs associated with obtaining the visa. Do not leave the visa until the last moment!


> Can I get academic credits for entering a SUW course?

Of course! You can get 8 ECTS points, this is why you shouldn’t hesitate, but apply! 🙂


> How will I get those 8 ETCS points?

You have to check at your University before you apply, whether your school accepts those points and what documents they request to prove you have attended a course at SUW. We provide you with a diploma at the end of the course and, if needed, with a program, syllabus and a copy of your final test. However, if your University would not accept those 8 ECTS points, you can still come here and have the great opportunity to learn and have fun with awesome people from all over the world!


> Do I need to take a certain exercise book?

No, there is student packet included – therefore you do not have to take any exercise book.


> How well do I have to speak English to enter SUW?

Your level should be at least B2, so that you can understand all lectures and communicate without problems with other students!


> Do I need to take a certain exam to prove my level of English?

No, we will base your acceptance on the essay you are requested to write.
Important: we do not accept plagiarizing! And, what is more, write the essay on your own (if your level of language wouldn’t be efficient, you will have problems with understanding the lectures).


> Are there any social activities planned besides just studying?

Of course! We want you to have fun, so every day you will be asked to join some activities – clubbing, sightseeing, sports etc. 🙂


> How much money will I spend during my stay in Poland?

You will have to pay for deposit in the dormitory. At the end of the course you will get your money back, if nothing would be destroyed 🙂 Here is an example price list. You can compare prices and take enough Polish money:

  • water (1,5 litre) 0,5 euro
  • juice (1 litre) 1 euro
  • pizza 5-7 euro 
  • beer in a shop 1 euro
  • beer in a club 2,5-3 euro


> What is the rate of exchange in Poland (23.01.2012)?

1 EUR – 4.31 zlotys

1$ – 3.33 zlotys


> Will I be picked up from the airport/railway station?

Of course, yes! We’ll take care of you as soon as you get to the airport/railway station 🙂