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Fees and acommodation

Summer University Warsaw fee should be paid after candidate’s acceptance but before their arrival. In 2012 edition, the fee comes to 599 euro. It covers students’ meals, dormitory, lectures, student packet etc. Remember! It does not cover insurance (students have to buy one on their own) and it does not cover students’ arrival and departure (plane tickets, train tickets etc.).

You will stay in Sabinki dormitory, our biggest student’s hostel situated in the nearby of SGH buildings in the immediate downtown of Warsaw. Each room is renovated and fully equipped (they have even fire alarm, so we don’t recommend you to smoke inside :P). The architects took care even of your health, because you’ll have to cover a few meters distance in order to get to the bathroom or kitchen. On every square meter of Sabinki you have access to WLAN so there won’t be any problem to send greetings to your family and friends. Sabinki have 5 levels and at each one there is a different common room at your disposal, where you can make parties, play billiard, watch TV or study. In the same building you can buy necessary stuff, do the washing or eat dinner in canteen.

Afterwards time with friends in nice atmosphere? No big problem! You simply go out from Sabinki, turn right, and walk 30 meters to the student’s pub Equilibrium.

Are you fed up with big city? Than simply walk go for a to the park called Pola Mokotowskie in the vicinity of your dormitory. Another huge advantage of Sabinki is, that they are opened round the clock, so you can come back whenever you want.

As you can see, you can’t be bored in Sabinki. If you don’t believe simply check it. We wait for you!

Photo gallery – Sabinki: