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Lecturers of e-learning courses

Prof. Peter Boltuc – University of Illinois at Springfield, USA (Rationality and Moral Choice – author)

Peter Boltuc is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Department Chair, University of Illinois Springfield and Associate Professor at the Centre for Development of Distance and Permanent Education of Warsaw School of Economics. He specializes in social and political philosophy; social capital theory; ethics; philosophy of mind; and community building, teaching philosophy online. (see more information)

PhD Pawel Wieckowski – Warsaw School of Economics (Rationality and Moral Choice – co-instructor)

Pawel Wieckowski holds a PhD in philosophy and works in the Philosophy Department of the Warsaw School of Economics. He is interested in philisophy of a man and culture, Noam Chomsky’s views on the structure and genesis of the language and the theory of critical thinking. (see more information)

PhD Natalie Vania – University of Illinois at Springfield, USA (Rationality and Moral Choice, instructor – Spring Semester 2006)

Natalie Vania specializes in moral philosophy and the philosophy of rationality. She has competence in the philosophy of science and social, political and legal philosophy. She received her PhD in philosophy from The University of Maryland at College Park in 1992, where she completed dissertation work as a Charlotte W. Newcombe Fellow under the direction of the esteemed Virtue Theorist Professor Michael Slote. Natalie Vania has taught in ten universities, including St. Cloud State University (Assistant Professor), Stanford University (The Program in Cultures, Ideas, and Values), Sangamon State University (Liberal Studies Honors Colloquium) and to a White House agency. Her current interests extend to finance as a modern science, implications of finance for theories of rationality, and entrepreneurship. (see more information)

Prof. Roxanne Marie Kurtz – University of Illinois at Springfield, USA (Rationality and Moral Choice, instructor – Fall Semester 2006)

Roxanne Marie Kurtz is a faculty member of the philosophy department at the University of Illinois, Springfield. She attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for her PhD and Tufts University for her MA in Philosophy from Tufts University. Professor Kurtz’s research interests include the challenges of equality, multiculturalism, and feminism in liberal justice, ethics and human nature, feminist topics in philosophy, and core issues in metaphysics. She joins UIS after teaching as an instructor in philosophy and women’s studies at both Bowdoin College and MIT, and serving as a teaching assistant at MIT and Harvard University. Her publications include, Persistence: Contemporary Readings, forthcoming from MIT Press, and "Meanness, Generosity, and Rawlsian Distributive Justice" published in the Journal of Philosophical Research, 2004. Among her many academic presentations are "Liberal Multiculturalism, Making it Liberal and Multicultural," and on a lighter note, "Reality Schmeality: Life in The Matrix." Prior to pursuing her passion for an academic career in philosophy, Professor Kurtz held positions in information systems management in both the non-profit and for-profit public policy and education arenas.

PhD Maria Aluchna – Warsaw School of Economics (Transition in Central and Estern Europe – author)

Maria Aluchna received her PhD in Management and Finance Collegium, Warsaw School of Economics. She specializes in corporate governance, works in Department of Management Theory in Warsaw School of Economics. She has participated in many research concerning corporate performance, governance mechanisms, revitalization of companies and others.