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Summer University Warsaw Statute

Concepts used in this Statute mean:

  1. Summer University Warsaw – an educative course concerning economics and management organized in English by Warsaw School of Economics (SGH);
  2. Candidate – a person, who has sent an application form for the Summer University Warsaw course;
  3. Participant – a person accepted to the Summer University Warsaw course on the terms as stated in the Statute;
  4. Organizer – SGH (Warsaw School of Economics), CREN (The Centre for Development of Distance and Permanent Education).  
I. General Conditions

§ 1

  1. This Statute refers to the participants of the Summer University Warsaw course, hereafter called SUW.
  2. The administration of the course (comprising of the SGH Academic Director and the coordinator from SGH Students Union) is being appointed by the Vice Rector on application of CREN director.

§ 2

SUW program equals to 8 ECTS points.

§ 3

  1. A SUW participant can be a person who has sent a correctly filled in application form which is available on SUW website within the time as required by the Organizer, received a confirmation of being accepted to SUW from the Organizer, is the student of the Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Studies and has English language skills making it sufficient to take part in the SUW course.
  2. Detailed rules of admission of Candidates and their participation as the Participants of SUW are stated in the Statute.

§ 4

The participation of each Participant is payable.

§ 5

The classes and other lectures in the SUW course are held in English.

§ 6

The Academic Director is responsible for the timetable within the SUW course, determining their place and time of the classes.

II. Application and admission rules

§ 7

  1. Application for SUW consists of the following:
    • filling in an application form including personal and contact data of the Candidate, information concerning ongoing studies, English language skills, organizations membership, scholarships and certificates as well as the Candidate’s interests;
    • writing an essay on one of four offered by the Organizer subjects.

§ 8

On the basis of the information provided in an Application, the Organizer selects the Candidates. The note of written essay and English language skill level are the main criteria.

§ 9

Should the Candidate be accepted, he or she gets a confirmation of the acceptance to SUW on the e-mail address as provided in the Application.

§ 10

  1. After receiving the SUW admission confirmation letter the participant is obliged to submit to SGH the following:
    • the attestation, that the Participant is a student of the studies mentioned in § 3 point 1 given by the home university of Participant;
    • payment receipt for SUW;
    • a signed exemplification of identity card/passport with its number visible;
    • payment document for health insurance including Poland’s territory within the time of SUW;
    • a signed present Statute of SUW (English version).


III. Conditions and rules of payment

§ 11

The Participation fee is 599 euro (five hundred and ninety nine euro), with the reservation that in case of presenting a written statement that the participant does not use the accommodation in students’ dormitory of SGH, the fee above is reduced by 50 euro (fifty euro).

§ 12

The Participant is obliged to pay the participation fee mentioned in § 11 by transferring money to SGH bank account (number: 07 1240 1112 1111 0000 0165 1115) within 14 days after receiving the admission confirmation letter.

§ 13

  1. In case of resignation from participation in the SUW the Participant is entitled to a return of:
    • 100% of the paid amount, minus bank transfer costs, provided the SGH is communicated in writing or by electronic means of participant’s resignation within 30 days before the SUW.
    • 50% of the paid amount, minus bank transfer costs, provided the SGH is communicated in writing or by electronic means of participant’s resignation within 14 days before the SUW.


IV. Rights and obligations of the SUW participant

§ 14

  1. If the participant does not submit a written statement that he/she will not benefit from accommodation in the dormitory SGH and the participant has paid the full fee, he/she shall be accommodated in one of the SGH’s Student Dormitories, hereinafter referred to as "DS" in a double or three-persons room.
  2. Participant accommodated in the DS has the right to:
    • acquire a key to the room in which the participant has been accommodated;
    • receive a set of bed clothes for the duration of residence in the DS;
    • access a free Internet connection for personal computer in the DS;
    • use of all equipment and premises of DS intended for general use for their intended purpose;
    • receive in his/her room guests not participating in the SUW in the hours of 7:30-24:00 under the Regulations of DS.
  3. Participant accommodated in the DS is committed to:
    • compliance with Polish law and behavior in accordance with this Regulations and Regulations of DS;
    • compliance with the principles of workplace health and safety protection and fire protection, as well as promptly reporting DS administration of any danger in this respect;
    • promptly notifying the organizer or the DS administration of all failures in plant and equipment and technical faults and failures of DS’s property;
    • the exploitation of property and DS devices in a manner consistent with their intended purpose;
    • the maintenance of cleanliness and order in his/hers room and premises intended for general use;
    • to compliance with the building’s quite hours 24:00-6:00 and outside the building in accordance with applicable law;
    • to compliance with decisions and recommendations of the administration of DS in respect of arrangements within DS.
  4. In DS it is prohibited to:
    • remove DS accessories form the rooms granted to the participant and premises intended for general use or disclosure to third parties;
    • arbitrary set, alter and repair of electrical wiring, gas and water, changing locks or destroying walls;
    • smoke in places not designated for that purpose by the Head of DS under the Regulations of DS;
    • make extra keys to any premises without the consent of the Head of DS;
    • take drugs or other intoxicants on the area of DS;
    • sell or partake drinks containing more than 0,5% of alcohol on the area of DS.
  5. In case of not adhering to the rules of procedure mentioned above the Organizer has the right to:
    • inflict a fixed administrative fine in the administration amount or the one adequate to caused damages. The amount of penalty is stated by the dormitory administration.
    • displace the Participant from the dormitory without the refunding of the costs of a previously made payment. The Organizer and dormitory administration reserve the right sue for damages caused in the amount exceeding the amount of the penalty mentioned in the point a) above and the fee for SUW.

§ 15

  1. The Organizer is obliged to supply the Participant with food, as follows:
    • a breakfast during the morning hours;
    • a coffee break during a break between the classes;
    • a lunch after the classes;
      according to the standard adapted for Warsaw School of Economics’ students.

§ 16

The Organizer is obliged to organize free-time activities according to the program given to Participants. The Organizer reserves the right to introduce changes in the program.

§ 17

  1. The Organizer is not obliged to provide the participant with:
    • any insurance;
    • medical care;
    • additional meals other than those mentioned in § 15;
    • the coverage of the costs of transport during the participation in SUW (with the exception of the costs of transport connected with the trip, according to the information published on the SUW website).

§ 18

The Participant bears the whole responsibility for the damaged caused during his/her stay at SUW, without any restrictions resulting from the amount of payment for SUW participation.

§ 19

The Organizer reserves the right to displace the Participant from SUW and the dormitory if he/she does not apply to rules and regulations written in this document.


V. The classes

§ 20

  1. The Organizer is obliged to provide the realization of the classes, which timetable is published on the SUW website.
  2. The Organizer reserves the right to introduce changes to the timetable.
  3. The Organizer is obliged to organize 64 hours of classes (lectures or workshops).
  4. In case of resignation of one of the lecturers during the realization of SUW the Organizer is obliged to provide another lecturer of similar qualifications as a replacement.
  5. The Organizer is obliged to provide learning materials adequate to the content and number of the lectures enclosed in the timetable.
  6. The Organizer is obliged to provide the Participants with adequate rooms necessary for having the SUW classes.

§ 21

The Organizer is obliged to prepare a written test covering the material taught during SUW. The test will be taken by Participants on the last day of the classes. 

§ 22

  1. In order to pass the examination mentioned in § 21 the Participant has to:
    • frequent the SUW classes (every absence has to be excused);
    • get at least 51 % score at the examination mentioned in § 21.
  2. In case of not having a sufficient exam result, the Participant has the right to retake the examination in the oral form at the time stated by the Organizer.

§ 23

  1. After the SUW the Participants get certificates issued by Warsaw School of Economics
  2. Only those Participants who passed the examination mentioned in § 21 can get the certificate.