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Venue – Warsaw, Poland

Poland in brief

General Information

Capital (and the largest city): Warsaw
Area: 312,679 km2
Population: about 38 million
Official language: Polish
Currency: Zloty (PLN)
Weather: Poland is a country in Central Europe, situated between Baltic Sea and Carpathian Mountains, Odra and Bug Rivers. The climate of Poland is mostly temperate. Although winters are cold, you don’t have to take your take boots or winter jacket. In July, there is about 22 degrees but sometimes the temperature reach even 40 degrees. Unfortunately, summer is the most rainy period in Poland (July – 76mm, 13 days/month). Don’t forget an umbrella!
Prices: Warsaw is one of the most expensive cities in Poland, but it’s still quite cheap for foreigners from the EU. To help you calculate your outgoings, we prepared the list of prices:

  • A bottle of water (1.5 l) 2 PLN
  • A loaf of bread 2.50 PLN
  • A bar of chocolate 3.50 PLN
  • A bottle of Coke (1 l) 4.50 PLN
  • A can of Red Bull 5 PLN
  • Pizza 25-30 PLN
  • Dinner in students’ canteen 10-15 PLN
  • A ticket to the cinema 20 PLN  


As a participant of SUW you’ll spend most of your time in Warsaw. Warsaw is the capital and the largest city in Poland which population is about 2 million people. It became the capital of Poland in 1596, after king Zygmunt III Vasa had moved the court from Cracow. Warsaw is known as the "phoenix city", as it received extensive damage during World War II, and rebuilt with the effort of Polish citizens. But not only history is important. Warsaw is also one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. The investment boom is visible everywhere you look. The cityscape is changing with every new architectural masterpiece.

Warsaw in numbers

Area: 516.9 km2
Population: 1 711 466 people
Students: 280 000 people (14% of students in Poland)
Universities: 75
Turists visiting per year: 3 500 000 people
Public transport: A communication system in Warsaw is well-organized. Pasangers can use trams, trains, buses and underground buying only one ticket which cost is 50 PLN (for 14-day City Travelcard). You have to validate it within first use of Warsaw’s public transport.
Daily buses and trams go from 5 a.m. to 23 p.m. Later, you have to look for night buses (with letter N, for example, N-32). But if you want to save some time, it is better to use the underground. There is only one line of it but its stops are located in key points of the city. The underground runs from 5 a.m to midnight everyday and to 3 a.m at weekends. There is a special bus for turists (the 100 line) which runs daily in July. It is very useful when you want to see some Warsaw’s places of interest.
If you don’t want to wait for a bus you can always order a taxi. It costs about 2 PLN/km, so you’ll pay about 15 PLN to get from Warsaw School of Economics to the city centre.

Warsaw is worth seeing not only because of the fact that is the capital of Poland. This city of eastern Europe offers you a lot more then you could expect. Can you imagine: you strolling the Chmielna street which is famous for its cafes and pubs in the direction of incredibly accurate restored old town, passing by numerous pieces of antique architecture, statues, palaces and churches.

The advantage of down town is the vastness – you won’t get bored after the while. The atmosphere of this place is magical and let you feel like in old times. The other attraction is to admire panorama of the city from 30th floor of Palace of Culture and Science. Although it is a gift from Stalin it has own charm. The rest remain a secret until your arrival.

Are you exhausted by noise, studying or haste? Then, take a deep breath in Royal Park is highly recommended! Except well kept gardens and sight you can encounter easily peacocks. The palace on the water is also situated there. Are you already curious how does it look like? Take some food for plentiful hungry squirrels and come to Warsaw for SUW10!

Are you fancy going out in the evening? It will be a problem… to decide for one option. Number of clubs with every kind of music such as pop, house, latino or pub with karaoke are waiting specially for you!

Briefly speaking, you have to visit Warsaw because it is a perfect blend of:

  • unique architecture,
  • breathtaking sights,
  • picturesque parks,
  • rampant night life,
  • polish hospitality,
  • original cousin,
  • multitudinous shopping centers.

See you in Warsaw!


Useful pages

  • The official website of Warsaw – to extend your knowledge about Warsaw you should read some articles on this website.
  • Warsaw for turists – a guide how to fall in love with Warsaw.
  • The Warsaw Rising Museum – if you are interested in the second World War history, you have to visit The Warsaw Rising Museum. It was opened in 2004. The museum was created in the new, interactive style.
  • The Salt Mine in Wieliczka – the website of the only mining site in the world functioning continuously since the Middle Ages. One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Cracow – Cracow is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. The old Polish capital has incredible magical climate. We’ll spend there a weekend to feel the atmosphere of the city.
  • Sandomierz – the website of picturesque town with the architectural – landscape complex of the Old Town, preserving the lay-out from the second half of the 14th century and the Dominican monastery complex of St. James’s Church.